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About MTTC Prep Tutors


​MTTC Prep Tutors is a premier service provider for MTTC preparation, and our tutors have supported students for years, gaining access to real exam content and questions. By providing online tutoring services, our tutors engage with students about the exam every day, so we are much updated on the material tested on the MTTC. The MTTC exam is very unique as it is a competency based test focused on measuring competency levels in different subject areas.


In 2008, a small group of educators saw an idea to use the internet to provide services in the educational arena anywhere and anytime. We saw many tutoring programs for various subjects and exams, but tutoring services for the MTTC exam were nearly non-existent. Reflecting on our experiences in taking the MTTC exam, we saw this would be a good opportunity to establish an organization that can help students quickly pass the MTTC exam. 


At our organization, we have a team of tutors who provide quality instructions tailored to the real exam. We also have a research team that keeps content and questions updated to ensure students get exposed to updated information. On top of all that, we have a team of quality managers assigned to ensure students are getting the full experience to pass the MTTC. We have devoted our lives to MTTC and ensuring our students get the best preparation to be successful.

About the Experts at MTTC Tutoring Services


Our organization focuses on providing quality services for the MTTC exam, so we employ individuals who have a strong knowledge of MTTC and a deep commitment to ensuring all students pass the exam. The hiring process specifically looks for individuals with experience teaching MTTC content and knowledge working with students with different learning needs. We help international students, first-time test takers, repeat test-takers, and students with learning needs, so our tutors have to have knowledge related to MTTC and experience in accommodating different learning needs. Some of the requirements for tutors at our organization include:


  • MTTC training required

  • Achieve or seeking master-level education

  • Passed MTTC Exam


  • Experienced developing MTTC content and questions


  • Involved in at least one research project for exam content


  • Strong communication and organization skills and/or


  • Previous experience as a tutor, professional, or college instructor (NOTE: We accept retried candidates as tutors pending passing the MTTC exams.)

  • (NOTE: The main requirement is strong test-taking knowledge skills and content knowledge for the exam.)


Why are we the best in the industry to pass MTTC?


Our website is focused on providing support for the MTTC exam, and our years of experience in MTTC tutoring have positioned our program to be success driven program. Moreover, we prioritize a student-centric approach, recognizing that each individual has unique learning styles and areas of strength. Our personalized guidance and one-on-one support ensure that every student receives the attention and resources they need to thrive in their MTTC journey.

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