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Real Students Pass MTTC Exams - High Passing Rate

This program helped me pass the mttc 064. I took this test 15 times, and I tried everything out there. Nothing helped. My boyfriend told me about the program, and I decided to do the 8 weeks course. My tutor provided a lot of resources and practice. The practice was not the exact same as the real test, but these questions were the closest to the exam I seen taking the test 15 times. I did pass on my 16th attempt, and I am very thankful for this program. Aleisha Spears – MTTC Autism Spectrum Disorder


Thank you for helping me pass the mttc biology. I got my official score report last night. Thanks again Cameron R. – MTTC Biology


Taking the test 6 times was very frustrating. I felt dumber each time I took the test, but my passion was to teach. My mother signed me up for the tutoring program. God bless these people. Passing this exam was like 1000 pounds taken off my shoulder. At one point, it was not about getting a teaching job it was just about passing to prove myself I can do it. This exam drove me crazy, and I am very happy this site exists to help people. Mandy T. – MTTC History


I passed the 103 exam. Thank you for all the resources. Jacob S. – MTTC Elementary Education


My degree is in English, and I got all As in my course work at Calvin University in Ann Arbor, Michigan. So, when I failed the second time by 40 points, I knew I had to get professional help. I liked that this site was mttc focused as I tried other sites that did many other exams, and none of the tutors knew what was on the exam. Eventually, I started working with Kevin, and I can say 100% Kevin knows the MTTC English 002 exam. He explained things in detail and provided a lot of resources. I passed on my third attempt and as I took the test I knew I passed. Linda B. – MTTC English


My math score on the mttc elementary education was low for each of the 4 attempts. I did the 4 weeks course and focused only on math. I got my score of passing last week. I recommend this program 100%. Janet U. – MTTC Elementary Education


Hey Daniel, I passed the 103 exam. Thank you so much for the help Fazel S. – MTTC Elementary Education


I used mometrixs, exam edge,, varsity tutors, and wyzant. I spent over 3 years studying trying to pass the physical education mttc. Nothing worked. Nothing worked. I gave up for a year. Then, I decided to sign up for this tutoring program as my dad was willing to pay for the program. I took the test over 10 times, so I know the style of the questions. Not all the questions were similar to the rest test, but many were. More important, I liked this program had topics that they went over that I knew were on the exam, so I think that helped me the most. I wish I had found this program years before; life would have been easier. Wonda P. – MTTC Physical Education


Hey Jenny, I passed the history exam. I get the to keep my job. Thank you so much. – Codee G. – MTTC History


I was doing a career change, and I had not taken math classes in 20 years, so I decided to sign up for the 8 weeks course. I did not want to fail. I worked with David. He provided a lot of help and explanation and resources. I passed on my first try. Thanks David Kyle M. – MTTC Mathematics


The library media specialist at my school was retiring, and my principal asked me if I was interested in the transition from classroom to the library as I had a master's in library media. I was very interested, and I was also told I had to pass the mttc library media exam. I had 3 weeks to pass, so I did the 8 weeks course in 3 weeks. With this program and a lot of studying on my own, I did pass the exam on my first attempt. This program is well worth the money. Anna Y. – MTTC Library Media Exam


I am a single mother with a son who has learning disabilities. I had to pass the elementary education exam to keep my job. I took test 4 times and did not pass. I could not pay for the 8 weeks course, so I had to do the 4 weeks. My tutor look at all 4 score reports and put a plan to help me do well. I followed everything the tutor told me. I also continued to review my previous study materials. I did pass the exam on my 5th attempt. Passing was the only option. I had no clue what I would do otherwise. I need the income and insurance for my family. The pressure was a lot, and my tutor helped me with the pressure and anxiety. Thank you so much mttc tutoring. Marty I. – MTTC Elementary Education Exam


Thank you. I passed my school counselor exam last week. Enjoy your weekend. Lee T. – MTTC School Counselor Exam


My daughter needed to pass the mttc early childhood exam. She has never been good at test taking. She also has learning disabilities. It takes her time to understanding reading materials. I needed a program focused on mttc but also someone who can manage her learning needs. I believe her tutor Rhonda was best fit. She explained everything twice and ensured understanding. She provided a lot of resources. I can tell that the tutor cared about her passing as I sat next to my daughter during the tutoring sessions time to time. My daughter did pass the exam, and we are very happy. Even if she did not pass, I would be upset, but because I saw how much her tutor cared, I don’t think I be upset too much. In my experience, very hard to find people online that genuinely care.  Ashton O. – MTTC Early Childhood Exam

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